Eastern Sky Aikido | Kids Classes
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Kids Classes

Kids Classes


Tuesdays: 5:30 – 6:30 pm       Saturdays: 9:00 – 10:00 am


A Typical Class

The goal of our practice is to instill self-confidence and compassion. Aikido is not an aggressive martial art focused on beating others; we teach children to avoid conflict and to protect themselves.

  • Stretching and warm-ups
  • Correct posture and presentation
  • Rolling and tumbling practice
  • Self-defense techniques
  • Non-competetive games


The Benefits of Aikido

Focusing on practicing the Four Principles helps children respond appropriately in situations on and off the mat.  Students are better able to

  • Focus at school
  • Handle stressful situations
  • Avoid and/or resolve conflict
  • Have mind-body coordination

Kokikai, unlike other styles of Aikido practice, centers around being relaxed, calm, and aware in order to achieve your strongest state.  We combat stress through training our mind and body to relax during stressful situations (such as an attack). This training directly helps students be their best in their daily lives.

Kokikai Four Basic Principles

Keep One Point to Develop Calmness

Relax Progressively

Find Correct Posture in Everything

Develop Positive Thinking


Restrictions: Children’s class is limited to 6-13 year old students (parent/guardian may be required for 6 year olds)