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sensei                                                                                                                              Sensei Shuji Maruyama
About Aikido Kokikai

Kokikai Aikido is a martial art, concerned with effective self-defense technique and realization of our full potential power in all the activities of daily life. Even as we develop powerful Kokikai technique we strive to increase the strength of both body and mind, discover Kokikai Ki Power through mind-body coordination, and stimulate good health. In this way we create a secure foundation for a strong and successful life. We discover our whole human ability, our full potential power, through self-mastery.
The most correct state for human beings is that which is their strongest state; when a person is strongest, we can say they are most correct. The impact upon the performance of Kokikai technique when we are correct is obvious: our reflexes are quickest, we have the calmness of mind necessary to avoid being upset by sudden challenges, and we can clearly perceive our attacker’s intentions. When we are correct we can also perform better in other activities as well. Our success in sports competition is enhanced, we enjoy improved health, and we can look forward to greater success in business and our personal lives. But most obviously, because it is our training method, we immediately see the results of being correct in our Kokikai Aikido technique. Ki Power gushes out, and our self-defense movements become highly effective.

The Kokikai School of Aikido features a logical training system with concrete goals of effective self-defense and the development of each individual’s full potential power through the realization of the correct state of being. That full potential power is made a dependable state through rigorous training in the Kokikai Training Method, using Ki testing and specific resistance to technique to lead the practitioner to deep self-discovery. The resulting correct state is then applied to self-defense movement, and every activity in daily life, for the betterment of ourselves, our society, and the whole world.

Please join us in realizing your full potential through Kokikai Aikido Training.
Taken from http://www.kokikai.org/aboutKokikai.php.
For more information, visit www.kokikai.org.