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Our Dojo

Our dojo

Our dojo is centrally-located with convenient parking just outside the door. We are fortunate to have high-end cushy mats, made with thick foam and a durable, carpeted nap. The space is tastefully decorated and climate-controlled for a very comfortable practice. In addition, there are a number of long-term students with years of experience available as practice partners during class.



Guest lecturers and visitors

The Eastern Sky dojo has hosted a number of senior instructors, guest lecturers and visitors drawn from across the country, including special visits from Japan by the founder and president of Kokikai Aikido,  Sensei Shuji Murayama. We also regularly host guests from other nearby dojos, including downtown and Ithaca.

Regional practices

The best part about aikido is the chance to validate your techniques with people of all ages, body types, and athletic ability. As a result, the quarterly regional practices are a perfect opportunity to work with other local Kokikai students drawn from Eastern Sky, the downtown dojo, RIT, Webster, and Ithaca dojos. These sessions are very well attended and usually draw about 50 students.

Weapons seminars

We primarily teach/practice with bokken, jo, and tanto [also known as sword, staff, and knife] to better develop our open hand techniques, improve control, and increase mind-body coordination. Not to mention, they are just plain fun! Please note that for the safety of self and others, weapons seminars are restricted to colored belts (orange) and above.

Video nights

Our dojo also hosts monthly video nights after class. Bring a small treat to share (beverages provided) and enjoy watching various martial arts or testing videos with your classmates. Enjoy the camaraderie and insight from your fellow classmates — discussions encouraged.